Hirschentenne Stams
Hirschentenne Stams

Your hosts in the Hirschentenne

As guests of the Ötzbrugger family

Veronika and Bernhard Ötzbrugger are the third generation to run the Hirschentenne. Together with their long-standing team, they ensure that all their guests have a pleasant stay while holidaying in Stams.

Your holiday in Tyrol


Enjoy the personal service during your stay at the Hirschentenne. Your hosts will ensure that you enjoy your holiday to the full and feel completely at ease. Veronika and Bernhard always have the best excursion tips for their guests. They are also happy to help with the organisation of various celebrations, such as Christmas or birthday parties, as well as weddings.

Your holiday in Tyrol Your holiday in Tyrol Your holiday in Tyrol
Hirschentenne Stams

The Hirschentenne

A place of tradition

In the restaurant & Hotel Hirschentenne you are surrounded by history. Today’s Hirschentenne is not just a third-generation family business. The tradition of the hotel dates back many centuries – to the year 1275, when the “Hof Tanne” was first mentioned in a document – in the founding charter of the Cistercian monastery of Stams. Count Meinhard II had donated the farm to Stams Abbey. The building subsequently served as a farm and was farmed as such until the second half of the 14th century.

“We look forward to looking after you and giving you an unforgettable holiday.”
Your Ötzbrugger family and team

The estate then served as a changing station for horses and as a stagecoach station. In 1835 the farm became private property. Parts of the building from those times have been preserved to this day and provide the house with a special flair. Roman Ötzbrugger, the grandfather of the current landlord, took over the “Gasthof Hirschen” in 1941. Johann Ötzbrugger, the father of the current landlord, extended the barn in the 1960s and introduced the legendary “5 o’clock tea” – a dance event for young people. From then on, the inn was called “Die Hirschentenne”. The Ötzbrugger family is now the third generation to serve their guests with warmth, friendliness and traditional flair.

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