Hirschentenne Stams
Hirschentenne Stams

Places of interest around Stams

Sport and culture in the Tyrolean Oberland

Stams is a town in the Tyrolean Oberland and next to the river Inn. The central location is ideal and makes it possible to visit numerous places of interest such as the capital city of the region Innsbruck.

Ötztal Bahnhof


The AREA 47 is located only 10 minutes’ drive away from the Hotel Hirshentenne and is classed as one of the most unique adventure playgrounds in Europe. The park is home to several swimming areas, diving tower, slides, blobbing, a water-skiing area and lots more.

Ötztal Bahnhof Ötztal Bahnhof Ötztal Bahnhof
Hirschentenne Stams

Mieminger Plateau

Mieminger Plateau

Just a few minutes’ drive away from Stams is the Mieminger Plateau. A high plateau located at an altitude of 800 to 1000 above sea level, with hiking routes, golf course, hills for tobogganing and lots more.



The Stuiben waterfall in Umhausen in the Tyrolean Ötztal is not only the largest waterfall in Tyrol, but is also a true natural spectacle. Let yourself be enchanted by the impressive countryside and enjoy the health promoting effect of the “water spray”.

Umhausen Umhausen Umhausen
Hirschentenne Stams


Swarowski Crystal world

Visit the Swarowski crystal world in Wattens for a sparkling experience. You can experience a mixture of art and culture, entertainment and shopping – regardless of the weather.


Regional capital

Discover the beautiful old town of Innsbruck complete with its Golden Roof, the landmark of the regions capital city. Many shopping opportunities and cultural highlights make your heart soar in the city on the Inn.

Innsbruck Innsbruck Innsbruck
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